Fencing Industry

Sky Capriolo

Creating a must-attend event for top-performing customers and vendors helping boost average sales growth 230% over the first 12 years (and counting).

Business Issue

Our fencing industry client went through restructuring. They wanted to create a unified program to build stronger relationships with contractors and increase market share and loyalty with existing customers. As part of their vision, they also wanted to give their customers educational resources to strengthen their own businesses, as well as provide networking opportunities with other successful business owners and better access to company leadership.

Our Solution

We developed an interactive Buying Show weekend that incorporates a fun destination with top vendor partners in the fencing industry, in-attendance deals and financing specials on fencing products, learning and networking sessions, and world-class entertainment. Qualifying contractors’ incremental sales funds the event. We built a performance tracking website, created a robust engagement campaign and produced best practices webinars led by company leadership.

Number of attendees has grown 226% over 12 years. Attendees make up 71%+ of customer base.

Million $ Club contractors nearly doubled between 2020 and 2022. In 2024 it became the 3M $ Club, with an increase in qualifiers!

214% = Median growth

Increases in Sales Growth

230% = Average growth

263% = Top 25 average growth


The Buying Show has become a must-attend event for our client’s top customers, with many checking in through the last month of the qualification period to check their status. Competition for top contractor rewards is intense. Our client’s parent company is thrilled with how this solution drove a rapid change in business relationships and revenue. This program started in 2012 and continues today.

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