An immediate, cost-effective way to add value to your appreciation

Take a step beyond saying “Thank You” to your essential team members.

With MAXRewardsNOW, you’re able to show your appreciation for work well-done. Team members are given the opportunity to select a retail or restaurant gift card that could mean a world of difference during this especially difficult time.

MAXRewardsNOW enhances the value of your “Thank You!

  • Give back to those who have gone above and beyond for your business.

    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary action, which is why we want to help you implement a rewards program that saves you time and resources.

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  • Say thank you in three easy steps:
    • Purchase a block of redemption codes valued at $25, $50, or $100 each
    • Give them out to say thanks
    • Team members redeem them for restaurant and retail gift cards
    Program benefits:
    • Low administration costs
    • Low investment
    • High engagement rewards
    • Immediate and practical
  • Flexible Rewards:

    Brands you know

    The best part is MAXRewardsNOW is highly-flexible to meet the needs of your most valued team members. Your recipients can choose from more than 50 restaurants and retailers, including these partners…