A flexible and customizable way to award top performers

Generate excitement among your target audience with customizable reward packages.


MAXRewardsYourWay allows you to select the award value, while inspiring your potential recipients to work toward an instant lifestyle upgrade!


Each package is filled with great items that can be adjusted to fit the award winner’s desire. It’s all about making your most valued talent feel appreciated!

Give back to those who have gone above and beyond for your business.

Flexible and customizable way to award top performers who are vital to the success of your business!

Low administration costs

Budget flexibility

Choice & variety for recipients

Great for quarterly or year-end rewards

Motivation Excellence team at Dinner - Sales Incentive

Let’s get started:

Select a package value
(they start at $2,000)
Choose which lifestyle packages you’d like included
Develop a plan to promote your reward program
(we can help!)
Send us your list of winners and we’ll take it from there

Flexible Rewards:

Brands you know

Packages can be added to programs currently managed by Motivation Excellence.

Each package price includes the items, sourcing fees and work with our personal shopping experts.

Only pay for the packages you plan to award. Engagement services can be quoted as desired.

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