Personalized Rewards

Let your people choose their rewards.

Points, Merch, Experiences, and Individual Travel:

every reward recipient gets what they want

Every person is unique – and the same can be said for individual motivation. That’s where points and merchandise rewards make sense.

Your eligible recipients simply collect points through your incentive program and then choose from carefully curated online rewards offerings that include options such as:

Travel / Experiences




Books, music, and subscriptions

Sporting event and concert tickets

...and much, much more!

Personal Concierge:

rewards without the inventory

Holy Cow? You’ve got it! Our expert personal shoppers have made sure our participants get the reward they really want. Solar panels on a house, an engagement ring and dinner reservations, a down payment on a Disney-area time share and yes, even a cow at auction for a granddaughter’s 4-H project!

These are just a few of the dreams we’ve made come true through our Concierge Shopping experience. The only limit is our participants’ imaginations!

Your Day, Your Way:

create a unique group experience nearby

Your participants can select a nearby partner hotel and create a fun and rewarding experience for them and a small group. With a wide variety of hotels throughout the U.S. and Canada, this is a great choice for someone who loves to share their success with their closest friends.

Getting started is as easy as contacting one of our personal shoppers. We’ll take it from there and your participant will enjoy a great experience from start to finish!”