Sales Incentives

Motivate and reward those who grow your business

We can all agree that incentives provide clear goals, generate excitement, and drive performance.

In our opinion, an incentive program isn’t a line item; it’s an ongoing investment in your most important business relationships.

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Our Incentive Inspiration:

grow your business

By leveraging relevant communications, data discovery, effective program management, and an ongoing cycle of analytics and insight, incentive programs can be innovative and inspired while remaining cost-efficient.

With Motivation Excellence, not only will you end up with the best incentive solution for your business, you’ll quantitatively see the issues that are critical to your business’s performance – and where your attention (and incentives) should be.

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By getting to know your people – and your business – we can help you deliver relevant, out-of-the-box incentives that re-energize your sales team and make them feel like their performance really matters.

From individual, personalized, points-based rewards that complement your mission to offering exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experiences through incentive travel, our customized sales incentives programs put you – and your salespeople – on track to:


Recognize each step to the sale with tools like training and new customer acquisition activity


Exceed sales forecasts


Increase profitability & drive incremental revenue


Fast-track new products


Accelerate sales of selective product lines


Engage & reward all performance levels


Retain top talent

Channel Incentives:

It takes inspired thinking to get channel customers to invest their time and focus their efforts on selling your products. Innovative, engaging channel incentive solutions from Motivation Excellence keep your products top-of-mind with even the most distracted customers. The results will increase sales, market share and loyalty.
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Group Travel:

Salespeople within your organization are the link to your customers and channel partners. A carefully designed incentive program will drive the right behaviors you are looking to achieve while also increasing sales and building retention
Meetings and Events

Done right, incentives help you simultaneously cultivate your partner and distributor relationships and grow your business. Now, let’s explore some solutions.