Agricultural Manufacturer

Motivation Excellence

How we generated $64M in gross profit for an agricultural manufacturer – and one heifer

The Big Picture

It started with an incentive program we presented to an agriculture manufacturing client to enhance sales for a specific product. They thought it was such a great idea, they wanted to apply it across all 12 of their product lines. No less than 16 vendors were brought in to present their solutions over a 6-week evaluation period. They said they chose Motivation Excellence because we knew their industry and understood their challenges and opportunities. The biggest challenge here was the lack of data tracking where products were being sold, and by which sales reps.

Research & Analysis

We took a measured approach to mitigate risk. We first conducted field research to better understand our participants, the products they sell, where their products were being sold, their industry outlook, and what moves them. We also analyzed how best to capture the sales rep sales data needed to focus our efforts.

Our Solution

Our industry research, experience, and analysis led us to a custom, multi-year performance improvement solution

  • In Year 1, we built rep-level tracking, identified participants, and captured baseline sales data by implementing a custom platform we designed to integrate with the client’s warranty system. Understanding where certain products were most likely to be sold was critical to designing the programs.
  • In Year 2, we launched the incentive program for dealer sales reps across all the client’s product lines. Armed with sales data, we set realistic regional and product line-specific dealer goals, fostered engagement, loyalty, and teamwork within the channel, and drove growth and ROI with tiered incentive rewards and a great shopping experience.
  • In Year 3, we realized the opportunity to sell the replacement parts needed across a range of products and created a cohesive program for all the client’s customers. We took regional priorities and product group-specific needs into consideration to develop a seamless program for the client’s channel.

Design Details

Understanding the challenges, our sophisticated, ROI-centered plan addresses all our client’s concerns. These elements made it work:

Custom Platform

Integrated with our client’s warranty tracking system, our platform tracked sales to the rep level without adding a learning curve for participants.

Marketing Campaign

Focused on the dealer owner to explain the benefits of the program and encourage them to enroll the sales reps. 


To keep everyone informed on their standings, motivated, and focused on top awards. 

Points-Based System

Earned on equipment and financing products. When the dealership reached its goal, everyone earned bonus points.

Motivating Rewards

Including a prestigious travel experience for top-performing sales reps, and award points redeemable for individual travel, event ticket, and specialty items. 


Tracking KPI & ROI quarterly to keep our client in the loop.

Only at Motivation Excellence

When it comes to service, we go the extra mile, for clients and their participants alike. When one of this program’s participants called our personal shopper, Susan, to see if there was a way to redeem his points for a heifer for his granddaughter’s 4H Club, we didn’t flinch. Instead, Susan got to work. And the participant got himself a fine-looking heifer.

Proof positive that at Motivation Excellence, we’re big enough to serve…but small enough to care.

Quantifiable Results


ROI exceeded goal by by 27.3%, generating $64.4M net GP over goal. 


We built equity with dealers and their sales reps through program communications, attainable and desirable rewards, and a great reward experience. 

Data & Analytics

With the tracking systems we put in place, we were able to gather critical sales data and create analytics to help our clients see their sales and ROI opportunities more clearly.

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