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Motivation Excellence

Generating $70M in new revenue for a healthcare diagnostic company with unrealized growth potential

The Big Picture

Our Healthcare Diagnostics client wanted to enhance their bottom line by identifying new locations and expansion opportunities, enhancing customer service, and expanding their product portfolio. They came to Motivation Excellence to find out how they could turbocharge these efforts.

Research & Analysis

During our analysis, we realized our client had little knowledge of their opportunity potential. We discovered that their delivery and pickup drivers were everywhere, making valuable connections with current and potential customers on a regular basis. Through these relationships, the drivers were in a position to discover expansion opportunities as well as customer service issues needing resolution. This valuable information could be transferred to their sales reps and converted to leads, but at that time, no one had conceived of the two departments working together, and the infrastructure was not in place to do so.

Our Solution

Once we uncovered this critical gap between drivers and sales reps, we designed an incentive program targeted to getting them working together address the client’s challenges. While the two groups were highly skeptical that their partnership would yield results, they soon found common ground and began to generate amazing results.

First, we developed a custom lead generation system that linked drivers to specific sales reps for lead generation and management. To foster compliance, we had to accommodate the drivers’ preference for paper and the sales reps’ preference for digital.

Next, we trained both groups to generate information and act upon leads, and then to record their efforts. We thus captured metrics on the number of leads, type of lead, disposition time, and outcome.

We ultimately brought together stakeholders from both sales and delivery silos within the organization, when neither side believed at the beginning that their partnership would be fruitful.[/et_pb_text]

Design Details

This program continues to generate revenue after more than nine years in operation, fulfilling the client’s desires to expand and optimize their services while fostering a team environment in their organization

Custom Platform: An end-to-end lead generation tracking system designed to drive ROI for behavior change as well as revenue.

Marketing Campaign: Helping the executive stakeholders explain the benefits of the program and encourage participation.

Communications: To keep everyone abreast of standings, motivated and focused. Sharing partership success stories was key to fostering participation.

Points-Based System: Sales reps earned points redeemable from our online catalog of brand-name merchandise and experiences

Gift Cards: Drivers, who skewed older and were far less likely to use smartphones or engage with the online catalog, earned gift cards.

Monitoring: With a three-month lead-to-sales cycle, we tracked KPI & ROI to keep our client in the loop

Quantifiable Results

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