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MEI Gives Back: Holiday Edition

At Motivation Excellence, we take pride in our community outreach and the generosity of our staff. Today, we’d like to share some of these initiatives with you. We’re proud of what our employees have accomplished in our community!

Performance by Design: Creating Your Unique Incentive Program

Prepackaged “off the shelf” incentive programs just cannot deliver maximum results because each company’s situation, objectives and needs are very different. Because we understand that no two organizations have the same challenges or strategic goals, we start with a blank slate every time, creating value-driven programs – with measurable ROI – that are uniquely yours.

Take Our 2016 Budgeting Outlook Survey

As we make our way into the final month of 2015 and look onward into the wide open future of 2016, many forecasters are placing their bets on how the next year will fare financially. Earlier reports were mixed, with analysts splitting the road on whether 2016 will be...

Employee Recognition: Proving Value & Potential ROI

In order to provide value to your employees and increase your business value at the same time, you’ll need to find a program that uniquely rewards while growing worker motivation at the same time. Pay and benefits packages are what initially attract talent to your organization, but incentives & recognition are what will retain them.

Why You Should Design a Values-Based Recognition Program

Why You Should Design a Values-Based Recognition Program

According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), there’s quite a large success gap between the recognition programs that are tied to a company’s values and those that aren’t. When your organization’s values become a visible aspect of your culture, you provide a more stable and welcoming workplace environment that employees love to be a part of.

Our Core Values: Video

Our core values are the things we’ve always lived by, but it wasn’t until recently that we put them down on paper. Today, Motivation Excellence President David Jobes talks about how he came up with RITE2 and what it means to us as a company.

30 Years & Counting: An Interview with Motivation Excellence CEO Greg Lewis

30 Years & Counting: An Interview with Motivation Excellence CEO Greg Lewis

After leaving one of the best incentive companies at the time early on in his career, Greg Lewis decided to put the ball in his own court – by starting his own company. 30 years later, Motivation Excellence has grown into an organization Greg never dreamed of. Today’s post is Greg’s own reflections on the early years of the business, including challenges, successes, and where he sees the company going in the future.

MEI Volunteers at Feed My Starving Children

MEI Volunteers at Feed My Starving Children

The Motivation Excellence team had the joy of heading to a local Feed My Starving Children warehouse to pack food for children in need on Monday, August 24. This office-wide team building event was much anticipated, and this morning our office buzzed with chatter of how fulfilling and rewarding this experience really was. (Check out our stylish hairnets!)