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Welcome to Our Team, Rebecca!

Welcome to Our Team, Rebecca!

In late June, we warmly welcomed a new team member to the Motivation Excellence family. Below is the press release announcing our newest Business Development Director, Rebecca Steiner. Rebecca Steiner has been hired by Motivation Excellence, Inc., an engagement and...

Designing Your Meeting Experience

Designing Your Meeting Experience

2016 meeting trends have shown that people no longer want to sit in a stuffy conference hall and listen to a boring presentation. (But really, is this trending? Who has ever wanted this?) According to the 2016 Successful Meetings annual poll, nearly two thirds of...

Employee Spotlight: Jen

Each month we will be highlighting one of our amazing employees. We’ll ask them some work-related questions and also some not-so-work-related questions – hopefully, you’ll be able to see why we think we’ve got the best people around. Today, our spotlight is on Jen...

Why Cash Incentives Fail

Your program participants (your salespeople, your channel partners, your employees!) are at the heart of your business, and having an effective engagement strategy to motivate them is critical. Many companies continue to provide their top performers with cash...

How to Launch a Killer Channel Incentive Program

How to Launch a Killer Channel Incentive Program

Delivering the Sales Results You Need Now by Leslie Remenek, Business Development Director In today's highly competitive marketplace, it is a challenge in itself simply to attract and influence customers to buy your products. But capturing channel and dealer rep...

Travel Advisories: How We Deal With Warnings & Alerts

Whether you’re planning a travel experience for your sales team, employees, or channel partners, we want you to know: we’ve got you. When you book a travel program with us, you’re not only getting world-class service, you’ll be receiving years of experience and a vast network of travel partners. Here are some ways we avoid – and react to – various travel adversities.

More Than Logistics: Measuring Your Meeting

More Than Logistics: Measuring Your Meeting

There’s SO much more to events than logistics. Do you know what your attendees want to take away from your meeting? Do you know what you want them to be taking away? Before we begin planning the event, it’s imperative to find out the “why” of your meeting and put it into action.

MEI Gives Back: Holiday Edition

At Motivation Excellence, we take pride in our community outreach and the generosity of our staff. Today, we’d like to share some of these initiatives with you. We’re proud of what our employees have accomplished in our community!

Performance by Design: Creating Your Unique Incentive Program

Prepackaged “off the shelf” incentive programs just cannot deliver maximum results because each company’s situation, objectives and needs are very different. Because we understand that no two organizations have the same challenges or strategic goals, we start with a blank slate every time, creating value-driven programs – with measurable ROI – that are uniquely yours.

Take Our 2016 Budgeting Outlook Survey

As we make our way into the final month of 2015 and look onward into the wide open future of 2016, many forecasters are placing their bets on how the next year will fare financially. Earlier reports were mixed, with analysts splitting the road on whether 2016 will be...