Shark Diving in a Laundry Basket

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Did you hear about the British fishermen who tried to recreate some scenes from the blockbuster hit JAWS? (Hey, it’s Shark Week after all.)

Great White Sharks

In 2012, two men (described by the Daily Mail as “bonkers”) decided they wanted to capture some footage of sharks in a feeding frenzy off the British coast. If you wanted to see some sharks up close and personal, you’d probably consult a local expert – maybe someone with some great shark-proof cages, diving gear, and some know how – right? Perhaps you’d even scour online reviews and check out how long they’ve been shark diving as well as their safety record.

Not these distinguished fellows – nope, they went to their local scrapyard and picked up a rusty laundry trolley. They attempted to cover it in chicken wire to make it a bit more “shark-proof.” Is this scaring you already?

Fortunately, this story ends with the men capturing some great shark photos and everyone coming out of the water safely. But they fully admitted they will not be trying this stunt again as they ‘felt they had pushed their luck as far as they could.’ (The bend you see in the cage is from a shark charging at them.)

So, what does this have to do with us? We’re committed to providing you with well thought-out options with minimized risk. Never will you feel as though you’re in a converted laundry trolley in shark-infested waters; our team of experts has the know-how and successful track record you’re looking for. We’ll bring you the results you desire with the safety you deserve.

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