How Do I Gift Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

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We’re officially into the fourth quarter of 2015. If it snuck up on you, you’re not alone! I can’t even believe where this year has gone.

The “beginning of the end” can be a busy time for everyone. 2016 budgets are being finalized, holiday parties planned, and overall our minds are pretty much in 2016.

But there’s one thing that shouldn’t escape from you before 2015 is over – and that one thing is your holiday gifting.

Your employees work hard for you all year, and now is a perfect time to give them a little extra appreciation for their efforts (although, you should be rewarding them all year long… but I digress).

Just because it’s already Q4 doesn’t mean it’s too late to get going on your gifting. Here are some tips & product spotlights to give you some ideas.

Make it Useful

Everyone enjoys a good, useful item. I’ve got a big list-sized notepad up on my fridge from a plumbing company that sends them out every year. I’ve never been a customer of theirs before, but you better believe that when I need a plumber they’re the first company that comes to mind. (And I mean, I even think about it when I think about branded items in general. That says something.)

This of course is meant for your clients and customers, but what about your employees? Hopefully they’re proud enough of their workplace that they’re ok with logo-emblazoned items, but we’re guessing it wouldn’t be their first choice.

If you know everyone on your team commutes, consider some great quality commuter bags. If they travel a lot, perhaps refreshing their luggage would be a viable option. Salespeople on the road a lot? Bluetooth headphones or a car speaker would make a perfect gift.

Make it Personal

Adding a personal touch can be difficult when you’re gift-giving to a large group of people, but our merchandise buyer can help you find just the right items to fit your needs. If everyone in the office is into fitness (or is making New Years resolutions already…) then a fitness tracker would be a perfect solution. Do people enjoy listening to music, or need to watch webinars at their work station? You might select a variety of headphones to fit the bill.

Make it Memorable

Making a gift memorable doesn’t mean it has to equal dollar signs (that notepad from the plumber sure is memorable, and I doubt it cost more than 50 cents). But when you want to really “wow” your employees or clients, you probably want to think designer or brand name. A pair of great sunglasses is a killer option, but think outside the box, too: what about a commuter bag with solar panels for mobile charging? And of course, anything technology related is always a great choice – iPad anyone?

Make it Flexible

If you still can’t decide on the perfect holiday gift, there’s another option: points! With a flexible points option, simply select a points amount for each recipient, and they can choose their own gift! The recipients may select a gift of their own choosing from an online catalog of thousands of items. With a wide selection ranging from books & movies to sporting gear to jewelry & fashion, there’s sure to be something that will delight your crowd.

No matter your audience, there are plenty of extraordinary gift options out there. Just remember: make it useful, make it personal, make it memorable, and make it flexible. And when in doubt, choose a magnetic refrigerator notepad. (Just kidding. Kind of.)

It’s not too late to work on your end of year gifting. We can help. Contact us to work with our merchandise buyer to select the perfect items for your recipients.

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