3 Ways to Rock Employee Recognition

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Employee recognition these days is more than about years of service awards. Read on to discover how you can impact your organization with an effective recognition program.

Have a Plan.

So the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. An employee recognition program without a clear strategy and goal will not do you any favors, so it’s best to sit down and think about your plan before you begin. Decide upon some clearly defined metrics that align with your organization’s mission, and decide how to measure it. This way, you’ll be able to clearly see the ROO or ROI.

Deliver – On the Spot.

Don’t wait until the annual reviews come around to give rewards & recognition. It’s one thing to encourage employees to have long-term goals, but making them wait too long for feedback can have a negative effect (not to mention irritating). Delivering on the spot rewards can be as simple as thanking someone publicly (like in a meeting), writing them a note to let them know you appreciate them, or sending them formal recognition through your engagement platform.

Provide Some Training.

Simple praise can go a long way in motivating employees. But the first step to ensuring this happens on a regular basis is to make sure your management team knows how to effectively deliver! All too often, managers are quick to focus on what needs improvement. To their defense, it seems logical to show someone what they’re doing wrong in order to encourage improvement. To the contrary, however, people need to hear what they’re doing right. Of course, constructive criticism is necessary, but unless they are also hearing the good stuff, employees will likely feel beat down and burned out. Give your management team some crash courses on the benefits of being positive. We’re positive you’ll notice a difference.

Measure Your Results.

How will you know if what you’re doing is working if you’re not gathering and analyzing the results? Make sure that when you set up your plan (see step 1!), you’re also setting up the metrics you want to track. For your program’s success, measure and analyze regularly. Make changes on the go if necessary – if your system isn’t proving to be effective, contact us for some additional help.

With a thoughtful and organized plan, an on-the-spot focus, and measurable data, your recognition program can help boost employee productivity and engagement. If you would like assistance with planning your program, contact us to get started.

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