Motivation Excellence Recognizes 2015 Star Performance Award Winners

Motivation Excellence

We at Motivation Excellence are dedicated to providing incredible experiences for our clients as well as participants on each and every program we deliver. In order to accomplish this, we partner with only the finest hotels & resorts, destination management partners, and travel support companies in the industry. Our commitment to excellence largely depends on the companies we choose to partner with.

The annual Star Performance Award represents the achievement of excellence above and beyond our already exceptional standards. Our internal as well as onsite evaluations consider thought leadership, flexibility, responsiveness, and overall excellence in operations for this recognition.  Recipients demonstrate distinction in every area of their business and continue to amaze us with their exemplary work.

The gold star, as seen in our logo, has symbolized excellence to all of us since the time we entered school as a child. This enduring symbol of excellence is what Motivation Excellence strives for with every client & participant on each program we deliver, and the recipients of this award have enabled this through their efforts, actions, and results.

We proudly recognize the award winners for their service. We expect high standards from our partners and they have exceeded those standards.

Congratulations to our 2015 award recipients:

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
Pacific World
Hello Florida
Hello Las Vegas
Business Travel Concepts

Jeff & Dick Dierker from Business Travel Concepts accepting the 2015 Motivation Excellence Star Performance Partner Award


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