10 Benefits of Group Travel Incentives

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group travel incentive

Incentives are a powerful tool used for motivation. Whether you want your team to work towards a sales goal, increased leads, or another objective, using travel as the motivator has many benefits. Here are 10 great reasons to use a group travel incentive for your team.

  1. You bring people together. With group travel programs, you’re building camaraderie with your organization & customers while offering people a chance to form bonds with their colleagues.travel incentives
  2. You build trust. When people have the opportunity to connect with you on a travel experience, they get to know you & your organization on a different level, often building a higher level of confidence.
  3. You build loyalty. Your employees or customers who earn the travel incentive will start to feel like they’re part of a family, which builds loyalty to you & your brand.
  4. They increase motivation. When you put an incentive like luxury travel on the table, people are going to work for it. Period.
  5. They’re customizable. You can create a unique experience tailored to the demographic of your organization & customers. Whether you’ve got an older crowd, millennials, or a mix of both, we can put together an itinerary with choices that will please them all.
  6. They’re cost-effective. Compared to other forms of compensation & bonuses, travel incentives are less costly while providing a higher return.
  7. They have trophy value. People go on Facebook to post photos of their awesome travels, not their huge bonus check. Bragging rights can be a huge motivator when it comes to earning an incentive.group travel incentive
  8. Incentives promote healthy competition. Whether you’re looking for increased sales or increased market share, a group travel incentive gives people that extra push to earn a spot on the trip.
  9. Travel has a universal appeal. There’s a variety of research showing that travel appeals to almost everyone, even above cash.
  10. They’re memorable. Travel isn’t just a reward; it’s an experience. These types of experiences provide lifelong memories for your participants that remind them that their hard work was worth it.

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