Get to Know ME with Susan Rizzi

Motivation Excellence

We’re excited to have you Get to Know Susan Rizzi this month! She has longevity when it comes to her careers, that’s for sure! Read below to find out how she helps our participants and her family thrive. Thanks for sharing Susan!

What’s your title and how long have you been at Motivation Excellence?

Customer Service Representative; in 3 weeks it will be 20 years!

What does your job entail?

All aspects of Customer Service, such as answering phone inquiries, email inquiries and Concierge Shopper requests. I also work with suppliers to resolve issues, review invoices, and obtain merchandise quotes for concierge shopper requests.

What’s something special about working at Motivation Excellence that you’d like to share?

What makes ME special is the family atmosphere, the willingness to help each other out at any time.

What’s your favorite part of your job at Motivation Excellence?

Working in Customer Service is a very rewarding position. What I enjoy the most is working on an issue and being able to turn it around into a positive experience for the participant.

What’s an unknown or odd talent you have?

Storytelling. I can make a simple walk on the beach into an exciting adventure for my grandchildren.  A hike in the woods can be more interesting with my crazy imagination. I also have a great talent for playing practical jokes on the family.

What motivates you to accomplish things in your life (work or personal)?

Work: knowing that I can make a difference in the experience our participants have when they contact ME. Personal: teaching my grandchildren that they should embrace who they are and that they can be and do anything they want to do in life! This motivates me to be a positive and supportive person in their lives.

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

Spending time with my most Awesome grandchildren, and their parents of course.   Gardening, fishing, vacationing in the OBX.

One thing that always makes you laugh is?

Spending time with my family.  We refuse to let little things upset us, and with so many different personalities, it becomes very amusing!

What have you done that helped you get through the pandemic? 

Played board games with my family through Zoom.  Worked on home projects, painted, decluttered and organized family photos…bins of family photos.  Binge watched documentaries on Netflix.  Hoarded toilet paper, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer! 

What is the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

It was not an unusual job, but being a Hair Stylist for 38 years definitely was the most interesting.  Oh, the stories I could tell.

This month, our theme for social media is EQ, or Emotional Intelligence. How do you relate to this theme?

Emotional Intelligence is an ongoing learning experience. In my years, I have learned that it is not what is said to someone, but the way in which it is said. A voice inflection, a condescending remark, or even a physical stance can give off the wrong impression. It is an individual’s choice on how they respond. We need to keep in mind that we do not know what is going on in a person’s life or what causes them to be “on guard.” Be patient, be a good listener, sometimes all a person needs is to have someone listen to what they have to say and acknowledge that they are heard.  Good thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds!

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