Get to Know ME with Sky Capriolo

Motivation Excellence

Our Get to Know ME spotlight this month is on our Strategic Marketing Manager, Sky Capriolo. Since she’s the one who interviews our employees for this segment, she recruited her friend in the travel department, Joe Reise, to sit in on her behalf and play host.  Read below and watch the somewhat short video (Joe’s a talker) on Sky’s path to Motivation Excellence and some of her varied interests. Thanks!

What’s your title and how long have you been at Motivation Excellence?

I’m the Strategic Marketing Manager and I’ve officially been a member of the Motivation Excellence team for more than 10 years. 

What does your job entail?

I split my time between marketing for our client’s programs and handling the marketing of our company. I do a lot of writing, project management, social media content management and creation, research of our fabulous travel destinations, and proposals for prospective and existing accounts.

What’s something special about working at Motivation Excellence that you’d like to share?

We have assembled a great team of experts in this industry. Many of my coworkers have been here much longer than I have and that says something about the culture we’ve built. 

What’s an unknown or odd talent you have?

I don’t know that there’s anything unknown about me, I’m an open book! I do pride myself on being able to juggle a little, so I’d count that as an odd talent. I learned at the Renaissance Fair as a child in Minnesota and practiced quite a bit after coming home.  

What motivates you to accomplish things in your life (work or personal)?

I like checking things off my to-do list. The first line of any good list is “create a to-do list.” Boom! I’ve already accomplished something and the momentum picks up from there. 

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

My husband and I enjoy doing things together like playing Texas Hold’em poker with friends or playing co-ed soccer in a local league. I love being with our two rescue Airedales Apollo and Airess. We’re empty-nesters now, but most of my free time the last decade + was devoted to our two kids and their activities (karate, soccer, theater, scouts, cheerleading, gymnastics, singing…we were very busy!). Now, with both kids in college, it’s fun to go visit them at least once a semester that their respective schools. 

One thing that always makes you laugh is?

Reading auto-corrected texts in articles on the internet – I will literally cry laughing at some of them!

What have you done that helped you get through the pandemic?

I loved being with my family practically 24-7, believe it or not. We all get along and enjoyed that brief time when no one had extracurricular plans and we could just be together and cook, laugh, enjoy our backyard, watch TV and play with the dogs. 

What is the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

For one night only in college, I was a Captain Morgan girl with a friend. We filled in last minute and got to ride around in a limo and visit all the bars that had previously not allowed us in because we were not quite 21 yet. The guy who played the Captain ended up passing out and my friend and I finished the shift giving out swag to drunk college kids. Fun times!

This month, our theme for social media is Resolutions. What’s your take on this tradition?

Resolution is really a synonym for goal and I’m ALL FOR THOSE! I suggest making small goals that can build up to something bigger. I love tracking my progress and celebrating my little victories. I wrote about our monthly theme in our blog, Making Resolutions and Keeping Them. I don’t believe you should wait for a special day of the year or month to start on the path to fulfilling your goals – start today!

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