Get to Know ME with David Jobes

Motivation Excellence

This month’s Get to Know ME segment is on our very own fearless leader, David Jobes! Read below to find out what drives him to succeed, makes him laugh, and his childhood musical instrument of choice. Oh, and wait until you read about the kittens! Thanks, David for letting us all learn more about you and your passions inside Motivation Excellence and out. 

What’s your title and how long have you been at Motivation Excellence?

CEO & President, “my residency” will be 30 years this February. 

What was the road to ownership of Motivation Excellence like?

For the last 25 years, I had the desire to own Motivation Excellence and I always shared my plans with Greg Lewis, who was the founder and prior owner. There were times I did not think it would occur, but when the time was right it happened. Having such a great team on the journey and believing in the vision is so fulfilling.

What do you consider your biggest responsibility is running the company?

By far, it is providing employment opportunities in the community and in offering as much security with our team members as possible. Every decision we make has a direct influence on our people and I take that extremely seriously.

What’s something special about Motivation Excellence you’d like to share?

Everyone is focused on delivering high-level service to our clients and participants. It is a “can-do” environment without accepting a hurdle as an unattainable obstacle. 

What’s an unknown or odd talent you have?

I played the accordion as a child! Not the most popular instrument to play when you are growing up, but it made my mother happy.

What motivates you to accomplish things in your life (work or personal)?

I have always been competitive, in essence, I want to do the very best that I can all of the time without taking shortcuts. Another is, learning and understanding other people’s perspectives and not prejudging a situation, each one is unique. 

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

Being with family and friends, fishing, the daily crossword puzzle, and fostering kittens.

One thing that always makes you laugh is?

I love romcoms and sitcoms!  They help me relieve stress and refocus.

What have you done that helped you get through the pandemic?

Focus on what is important and not worry about things you can’t control. During this time, I was able to achieve a significant part of our current three-year strategic plan.   This plan is helping grow our company by acquiring another incentive company, which we just completed.

What is the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

I’ve been a newspaper boy, a stock boy at a grocery store, a pizza maker (really got to learn how to cook Italian food), a tool and die apprentice, computer programmer….no strange ones, but each has its own story that helped prepare me for where I am today.

This month, our theme for social media is Growth Mindset. Why is it important to you as a business owner?

There is personal growth and professional growth, being a 14-year member of Vistage International (an executive development organization) has taught me that you have to focus on both and not ignore either one. Without a well-balanced commitment, I am not doing what is my responsibility in making sound decisions, knowing everyone you touch is affected by your actions.

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