Destination Spotlight: Cruising!

Sky Capriolo

Did you know the cruise industry is the only sector of travel that reports health issues of crew and passengers to the CDC? That’s why we are all familiar with any kind of outbreak that happens on board. But when it comes to COVID, there’s much more to the story than an alarming headline and that’s what our longtime cruising partner Karen Devine with 3D Cruise Partners wants to share.

In this installment of our series called “Mission Engage, Destination Spotlight: Cruise,” Devine gives us a full look at where the cruise industry was in 2020 to where it’s at in 2022 and beyond. Take less than 15 minutes to get the latest information on all types of cruising options. Find out why Devine says the data proves cruising is safe and back better than before.

Some fast facts to get you ready to embark:

  • All crew members must be vaccinated and get regularly tested
  • All passengers older than 12 must be vaccinated
  • Ships are well equipped with medical facilities able to treat positive COVID cases as needed
  • 85% of the worldwide fleet is back in the water
  • River cruising is more luxurious than ever – and very flexible

Whether you’re looking for your next incentive travel experience or want to enjoy a cruise with your family, our presentation with Devine will answer your questions and get you excited about your next voyage!

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