A Quarter for Your Thoughts on Year-End Rewards

Sky Capriolo

A penny just doesn’t entice anyone for their thoughts anymore (or ever?). What does get people thinking, is how best to reward their top performers at the end of the year. We are here to help you take that train of thought all the way into the station with flair!

At Motivation Excellence, with our vast team of program designers, we know what motivates performance improvement. It’s our specialty. We also know from decades of understanding emotional decisions that some rewards shine far brighter than others. We’ve found the more choice someone has in deciding their own reward, the better the results for you and them!

Think this through with us. It’s the end of the year (or quarter, or promotion, you get the idea) and you’ve done really well because of the people integral to your business. You want them to benefit from their extraordinary performance AND you want them to have those warm, fuzzy feelings about your company so they remain engaged, happy and loyal. 

Now picture their faces when you hand them a bonus. They’re pretty happy, right? They’re smiling and thinking of all the ways they’d love to spend that extra money. We’ve all had a windfall before and know the routine. You spend it in your head in ten different ways, on really cool things, but once it gets deposited into your checking account, it actually gets spent on gas, groceries and repairing a flat tire before the fun ever gets started. They’re grateful for sure, but they might not have any kind of lasting memory to tie fondly to you and your company.

Now imagine you hand them a lifestyle upgrade reward package that includes a mountain bike, a mount for their car and safety lights. Or, it includes their choice of three high-tech kitchen gadgets and a gift card to order steak or seafood. Perhaps, it’s a travel package with airline and hotel gift cards, a new piece of luxury luggage and a hot air balloon experience. With our MAXRewardsYourWay solution, we can build amazing reward packages at a variety of price points ($2,500 and up), so your top achievers can choose what reward is best for them!

Here’s the best part. Recipients LOVE their reward because they chose it. They post about it on social media. They take photos and show their friends and family. They use the items regularly and when they do, they’re reminded they earned them through their work with YOU. An emotional connection is established, which often leads to a long-term bond. 

This works for channel partners too! If you’re looking to push out a new product, gain market share, or reward long-time loyalty, offering an incentive in the form of a highly promotable reward package is easy and affordable. 

To recap, here are some of the many benefits of our MAXRewardsYourWay offering as we head into the end of the year:

  • Our lifestyle packages can be customizable to your recipients’ needs
  • You only pay for the packages selected
  • There are low administration costs
  • You get high flexibility for your budget

We have a wide variety of other solutions ready to reward your best people too. From instant appreciation in the form of restaurant and retail gift cards with MAXRewardsNOW, to long-term incentive programs with rewards like five-star, one-of-a-kind travel experiences, Motivation Excellence is ready to help you Inspire Extraordinary Performance with the people who mean the most to your business’s success. 

This thought train has now arrived at the station – hop on to conduct your year-end reward strategy to the fullest. Choo-choo! Contact us today to recognize your top performers at me@motivationexcellence.com.

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