Be a Mentor – It Can Give YOU a Boost Too!

Sky Capriolo

We all know how awesome having a mentor is, but did you know being a mentor is very rewarding as well? Mentors gain quite a bit from the relationship, like improving leadership and communication skills. But, you know what’s even better? According to one study, people who acted as mentors were six times more likely to be promoted and 20% more likely to get a raise. I bet that got your attention!

You Can Do It

Don’t think you can be a mentor? Think again, according to Read their article about why you absolutely can be qualified to mentor. Remember, not all mentorships are professional in nature. You can be a trusted advisor in nearly every aspect of your life from recreational activities, to church, to school, to the workplace. 

One Up One Down is a professional mentor matching organization for “kick-ass entrepreneurial women” in business and technology. This org says the most valuable mentors are the ones with the most relevant experience, not necessarily the ones at the top of the corporate ladder. With that in mind they place a lot of “near-peer” matches. The mentor-mentee pairing might only be a few years apart in age, which means they can empathize better.

Make it Part of Your Business 

100% of Fortune 50 companies have a mentoring program; 84% of Fortune 500 companies do too. It just makes sense. The Mentor Method website outlines other stats showing the power of the mentor-mentee relationship, including higher retention rates among those involved such a program. 

At Motivation Excellence, many of our employees participate in mentoring relationships either in our industry or out in the community. Our VP of Sales, Rhonda Brewer, helped start a two-way mentoring program in 2016 for the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence Women in Leadership committee and their Young Leaders program. It’s called Advisors in Action. 

“Unlike a more traditional mentor program, we thought it was important to have a more back and forth relationship from both participants. That way each learns and grows from the conversation. My partners, who are newer to the industry, have a platform to ask questions in areas I may have more background and experience. For me though, it gives me the chance to learn from the next generations and what is most important to them which then helps me be a better manager.”

Brewer says Advisors in Action was especially effective during COVID when the travel industry shut down.

“Having the connection via this program was significant for me. I was able to connect with others and navigate through what was next, whether it be with job elimination and managing that, or looking for the next career move. It provided a community of support that was critical to a lot of people.”

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Make it Happen

The benefits of being a mentor are great. From building your own confidence to sharpening your emotional intelligence, being part of an advisory relationship is just as impactful to the mentor as the mentee. 

So, how do you get started? Figure out where you want to offer your expertise. Then hop online and search for organizations that fit your interests. There are groups that meet in person, allowing you to connect personally with people in your area, and other orgs that match people around the world for one-on-one mentoring sessions online. 

Whether you want to help someone reach the next level of their education, job, athletic prowess or spiritual connection – or – just be a person who is THERE for another – mentoring is a role you can grow into, learn from and leave a mark on the community around you. Good luck!

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