Launch Your Next Sales Drive With an Incentive Group Travel Experience

Motivation Excellence

When you start rewarding the people most involved with increasing your company’s revenue with a group travel experience, you can use the momentum from your top achievers to roll right into the next sales cycle. It all begins with a data-driven rule structure, a motivating destination and a plan to push your business ahead. Your first-year award winners will gather with company leadership, partake in inspirational activities and be in the perfect mindset to be a repeat winner…year after year. Motivation Excellence offers customized travel experiences and group travel incentives that will elevate everyone’s desire to earn a spot to attend! Travel experiences work extremely well as the reward vehicle for incentive programs. They are the perfect setting to gather top performing sales members, with highly valued vendor partners, loyal distributors and the executive team. 

Moving Beyond Meetings

While we absolutely include time for business interactions, our group travel incentives take the idea of a meeting off of an agenda and onto an itinerary. Group travel incentives offer the flexibility to allow as much or as little planned time as you and your participants want. You can start and end the program with a welcome and farewell group event and fill in the middle with individual activity choices. Or, you can make sure you’re meeting as a group at least once every day. We look at your goals and preferences as we design memorable and wow-worthy travel programs. 

The best part of hosting group travel experiences as a reward for your incentive program is that the excitement spreads throughout your organization. A well-planned and executed travel reward ignites the fire in the bellies of attendees as they vow to make it back the following year. Meanwhile, competition to be a top achiever builds, which means growth at your bottom line. 

Let Us Lead the Way

Incentive group travel is our forte at Motivation Excellence. We do all the heavy lifting, all you need to do is decide what to pack! Here’s a short overview of our capabilities when it comes to planning your next incentive group travel experience:

  • Develop a data-driven rule structure for your participants
  • Track performance and engage your participants
  • Propose a variety of destinations in your budget
  • Plan the entire travel experience with your goals in mind
  • Manage all the arrangements from travel and lodging to décor, meals and activities 
  • Include our proprietary travel software Inspire
  • Offer several wow-worthy enhancements 
  • Work with suppliers on one billing package

At the end of the day, everything we create is tailored to your company. We can do as much or as little of the work as you want. We can do it all or just supplement what your organization already does. Flexibility is one of our hallmarks.

Make It An Experience

Anybody can plan a trip. We actually don’t use the word “trip” at Motivation Excellence.  We create experiences no one could plan on their own. Turn your first incentive travel experience into the ball that rolls long and fast toward your next sales cycle every year. Our incentive travel programs do just that.  We know. We see it all the time.

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