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We believe inspiring extraordinary performance with our strategies and solutions is more emotional than transactional. At the end of the day it’s all about the feeling that comes over you and your target audience (employees, channel partners, sales team…).

Maybe it’s accomplishment, or pride or that warm, fuzzy sense of being a part of something special…the goal is to capture that sentiment and make it work for your organization going into the future!

It’s all about people, and our people are ready to make your people motivated, inspired and appreciated. In turn, your company sees the benefits of building engaged partners who care about your success.

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It’s about solving your business challenges by changing behaviors that drive financial results.

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We’re pleased to present the new Chicago-area headquarters of Motivation Excellence! We designed the new space to reflect our culture of creativity and collaboration and our commitment to eco-friendly materials.

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Conflict Resolution: Find the Solution that Works for You!

Conflict Resolution: Find the Solution that Works for You!

Ever feel like you run into conflict with the same person again and again? Maybe it’s a coworker, or a family member, or a friend of a friend. Sometimes personalities just clash, and it’s not necessarily always one person’s fault. (Although, honestly, we all run into...

Get to Know ME with Lilly Jobes

Get to Know ME with Lilly Jobes

Lilly Jobes started as a travel program coordinator in the late summer of 2022, and everyone who has worked with her has nothing but compliments to cast her way! She may be soft-spoken, but she’s not necessarily shy. She’s also up for trying new things, experiencing...

Learn How to Find Your Joy and Spread it Around!

Learn How to Find Your Joy and Spread it Around!

Did you know one of the most popular courses of all time at Harvard is about happiness? It started in 2006 with more than 1,400 students enrolling in Psy 1504: Positive Psychology. There are multiple joy-centered Harvard courses offered today for students, and at...

From Our Clients

You don’t have to take our word for it

“I have to tell you that Motivation Excellence has been instrumental in helping our company set itself apart from our competitors and draw closer to our customers. We cannot tell you how much your people mean to us. They are there supporting us, looking after us, and making us shine. We appreciate all that you and the MEI team does for us.”

VP of Sales, Building Supplies Distributor

“As if it were possible to exceed the outcome of the past two programs, you did! Not only our customers, but our associates and vendors alike confirmed that hands down, this was the best program yet.”

VP of Marketing, Construction Manufacturer