Get to Know ME with Adela Danciu

Motivation Excellence

Adela is our newest employee, and because of the pandemic, even we don’t know a whole lot about her! I can guarantee you though she’s interesting and worth getting to know. So, take a few minutes and read below and watch her video. Welcome Adela – we look forward to learning even more about you soon!

What’s your title and how long have you been at Motivation Excellence?

Accounting Specialist

What does your job entail?

Manage all forms of financial accounts and keep accurate records.

What’s something special about working at Motivation Excellence that you’d like to share?

It is special to me to see the effort that goes in to meet our clients’ expectations.

What’s your favorite part of your job at Motivation Excellence?

I love learning, working as a team and the transparency in the accounting department.

What’s an unknown or odd talent you have?

I sing in a choir.

What motivates you to accomplish things in your life (work or personal)?

Meeting deadlines and working well as a part of a team.

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

Traveling and sewing.

One thing that always makes you laugh is?

Kids’ stories- things they say and do.

What have you done that helped you get through the pandemic?

Frequent walks outside with my husband.

What is the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

Tool & die when I was 12 years old. Helping my mom with her job as she was working from home back in Romania. LOL

This month, our theme for social media is Core Values. What are your personal core values that guide you through life?

Honesty, integrity, loyalty and self-respect.

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